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enjoy life I'm an out going girl simple and sweet. ready to have a life and be in to party and love to hang out. very dependent on my love and strong minded but very understanding. i come from a well off family and will take care of my lover who ever he may be.I would describe myself as an honest, independent, well groomed and versatile perfectionist that is completely open minded. I'm very understanding and possess a patient nature with a passion to fulfill my hearts desire. I am deeply motivated; hard working; always welcome a challenge and I relish trying something new. Enjoying the outdoors; traveling; meeting new people; fellow-shipping with my family and friends; and going to the movies is great fun. However, I totally adore dining; hours of sports; reading; singing; dancing; photography; cooking; baking and swimming, but I can’t contain myself when it comes to being hospitable and taking care of others!! If you require a candidate who is determined, confident, energetic, devoted, humble, punctual, accommodating, responsible, organized and disciplined.
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