Too long ago for me, who will help me?

Living Life I'm 5'2. i have 13 piercings.[4 on my left ear, 5 on my right ear, a Monroe, the left side on my nose, my tounge and my belly] my favorite colors are green, blue, pink and black, . on june 1st 2010 i graduated a whole yr early from frank church high school!!! i plan on goin through tons of college and for more then just one thing!! cuz one things for sure imma be makin bank wen i get older no doubt bout that!! im not goin to give my future family the life i grew up with!! theres alot of things people just dont know about me unless your one of the lucky few i hold dearest to my heart (it takes alot of effort to get that close to me)!! fighting in general takes out all anger, and its fun. i laugh A LOT and find most everything funny its, OK to be a happy person in my opinion. i don't trust many people, so if i trust you that means a lot. so please don't take advantage of it. its hard for me to give up especially when ive laid everything on the line to get it. my family and friends are the absolute world to me. no one or anything can get between me and them
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