The nagging, "Why do you spend so much time with your friends?"

She would love to go out to dinner and to the movies while you already have plans to dedicate your best friend's new widescreen TV. Even though you wake up together every morning, watch the news together every night, and brush your teeth together before going to sleep.

What not to say

"I'll see you every day".

Why she gets so angry

A woman needs to hear from time to time that she is the most important person in your life. It is hurtful for her to feel that she is in second place. It becomes even more difficult when you have the fun times with your friends, and go out with her alone to find a new dryer.

The whine stopper

Keep her up to date with what's happening one night with your friends. You probably don't feel like listening to her description of her yoga hour, but she wants to know what you do when you're not with her. It helps to keep her informed. And when she hears you've been playing Pokémon for three hours straight, stop asking for an invite.

Do something exciting together, at least as often as you do with friends. Make a plan to do something fun with her - a weekend trip to Zeeland or a romantic dinner. In any case, make it more exciting than buying matches at the Jumbo

In the upcoming blogs you will get even more strategies to get rid of her nagging.

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