Does she haunt you with complaints about your socks lying around, your benign soccer addiction, or your allergy to the dishes? Then you are not the only victim. Most women regularly give their husbands headaches with drivel about things that are completely unimportant to him. Here are the six worst nagging moments. With matching stoppers.

The whining: "Why don't you ever tell me anything?"

After another normal day at work and another traffic jam that was longer, you only want one more thing. Relax with a beer in front of the tube and look at infinity. But no, she asks you what it was like at work.

What not to say. I won't tell you because nothing happened.

Why she gets so mad

Men see communication as the exchange of useful information. Nothing special simply does not mean special. She actually asks you about your feelings about your work, which conversations you have had or with which colleagues you have problems. A day when nothing special happens does not exist for her.

The whining stopper

Get her to know and befriend one of your female co-workers. They can chat together about her and your work. Or Ask for an hour of rest after work in exchange for the promise that you will discuss your day with her extensively afterwards.