The background to this phenomenon is actually simple. Many women find it difficult to question anything straight to the man. "Whining" is a way of drawing attention to something that occupies her without being direct. Instead of saying what she wants from you once, she gives you thousands of pinpricks. With those pinpricks she tries to get you done or to change you. What exactly she wants to get from you or how exactly she wants to change you is often vague to you, that it seems as if she is just nagging about it.

Men often shy away from nagging women because they find it super unattractive. And that is exactly the opposite of what a woman wants to achieve with nagging!

The best way to stop a female lament is to ask with a typical masculine directness what exactly she wants. Occasionally you probably don't feel like, don't have the time, or energy to start a whole conversation. For those moments, some strategies are covered in the next blog.

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