Almost every man who has a woman as a partner, thinks or says at some point 'Is that necessary again?' when his girlfriend starts talking for the umpteenth time about the fact that in her eyes he looks or looks too much at football. talks little to her. "Haven't we already talked about that?" Is the typically male response. Whether it is about the division of household chores or whether or not to share feelings, a problem that a man is quickly talked about can occupy a woman three times a day, for weeks, months, maybe years. . While your wife thinks she is having a good conversation, standing up for her rights, or 'working' on the relationship, you probably feel that she's talking about the same thing for the thousandth time.

The nagging: "Why are you watching sports again now?"

A dangerous variation on the accusation "you never listen to me"

What not to say

"Can't this wait until half time?"

Why she gets so mad

Top sport continues to fascinate most men. Which woman can compete against this? To her, your sports addiction is the ultimate proof that she comes second.

The whining stopper

Well in time for an important game, you tell her in a tone of mild mockery about a colleague who is so under the price of his wife that he is not allowed to watch sports.

Make it clear how important sport is to you. Inaugurate her. Some women don't understand the fine details of sports. Suggest watching a game together and mute the sound so she can listen to your intelligent commentary instead of that dork on the TV. Maybe she'll enjoy it even more than you.

Just relax