For many men, the end of the relationship comes like thunder in clear skies. Therefore, be warned: while there is nothing wrong in your eyes, she may already be packing her bags. Here are some signs that your relationship is in danger of falling apart.

When you got to know each other, you couldn't be lucky. You thought each other the most beautiful, the sex was fantastic and everything was cake and egg. Now that the pink cloud has been resolved, your negatives have also surfaced. You often sit with your friends or hers with her, sex is not what it used to be, and the windows of your house are often filled with tension because of the clashing arguments. And then it can happen that your relationship comes to a point where you are too late to save anything.

Sex is fantastic as long as you fantasize about your ex - girlfriend.

Fantasizing about someone while doing it with your own partner is not objectionable. On the contrary; the majority of men and women do it sometimes. However, there is a limit that you should not cross. You get a problem when you can no longer live without imagination. When you no longer see who you're making love to, but do it with a fantasy person.

She thinks you're at the computer too often

I wish he sat on me more often instead of his mouse. If you never make time for each other again, you risk alienating each other. Because how can you know from each other how you feel and how you want to organize your relationship, if you hardly see each other. According to the relationship therapists, the solution is simple: make concrete agreements about the division of your time.

You are done talking

Because of their own need for security, many women choose a man who is doing well in society. Initially, the relationship runs perfectly. There will be nice holidays, a house and a bunch of children. But then she finds out after a few years that she actually can't talk to her husband at all. At least, not when it comes to life questions, such as: is there more after the next I-path. The man is always shocked when she comes up with questions like that: we are doing well together, aren't we?

Sex? Which sex?

It is a well-known pitfall: one wants more sex than the other. Whether that's the man or the woman. However, the problem is often less than you tend to think. We believe that sex should live up to a certain image; get meaning at the same time, foreplay, have an orgasm at the same time, afterplay. But in reality that is of course different. If you feel like it and they don't, then at least keep an offensive reaction for you, with which you immediately throw in your glasses. Because she doesn't say she doesn't want to. She says she's not in the mood. Try to seduce her. With a massage, game or something similar.

Enough women to choose