Press on her hips

You can put your hands in many places during sex, but her hips is by far the best place. That is, if you are in the right starting position.

  1. If you are lying under her, it is extremely helpful (and pleasant) to hold her in your hand. If she's facing you, she'll last longer than if she's in the saddle with her back to you. It's hard work for her in this position. To prevent her from having to get off too quickly due to fatigue, help her stay in her rhythm. Additional benefit: you get a grip on the pace of her movements, so you can avoid cumming too quickly.
  2. Even if she prefers the underdog position, you do the heavy lifting for her. Usually we tend to look for support in the mattress next to her shoulders. Not now. Put your hands on the back of her hips and pull her towards you in a nice compelling rhythm. Not only is it a great workout for the upper arms and lower back, she will also feel very clearly that you are taking her as she is right now: sweltering lazy, excited and ready for the real deal.

Sexy Hips