Press her breasts

Most men look at chest the way Ronaldo looks at a football. They immediately go for the goal. However, it is wiser to first collect points in other places on the chest. Nipples are very sensitive. If you are just starting out having sex, it is better to first gently stroke the sides of her breasts and around the nipple. Only then should you focus on the nipple. First use your tongue, a feather or blow gently against it. The more excited she gets, the less sore the nipples will feel to her.

Push her buttocks

Many women like a pair of sturdy hands around their buttocks. If you gently push her buttocks apart, the skin around her anus will also stretch. That turns her on. Spreading the buttocks also ensures that labia open and become more moist during foreplay. When she's ready, she won't mind a few naughty taps on the buttocks. Pay close attention to her reaction. Which we want to say, (too) much of the good is not always good.

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