The insides of her arms, as well as her legs, are generally more sensitive to touch. She probably really likes it when you start stroking her on the inside of the wrist and then slowly move towards her armpit. There are men who like to feel in control, even in bed. Typically, women don't mind being submissive now and then. By extending her arms above her head and pushing her wrists on the bed with one hand, you control the situation. Use your other hand to stroke her. In these situations, try to find out very carefully where the boundaries are. Pain and pleasure are very close to each other, but you should always determine together where the boundary is.

Press here for more sex: on her face

A facial massage is both relaxing and exciting. Again, "m the right touch is just hard enough.

  1. Caress her cheeks, ears and temples with your fingertips. Start at the jaw and make upward and backward movements.
  2. Then make a circling motion over her forehead with your thumbs. Start at the temples and end at the bridge of her nose.
  3. Finish the facial massage by slowly running your curved fingers through the hair from her jaw. Alternately to her crown and to her neck.

Press here for more sex: on her feet

In the feet the nerve bundles that connect with all other parts of the body. Paramedical movements such as acupressure and foot reflex massage are based on this. A firm grip is desirable. You have to squeeze and stroke just hard enough to please her. Too soft often leads to a tickly feeling. And too hard is too painful. Give this a try:

  1. Gently knead her entire foot, starting at the ankle and ending at her toes.
  2. Then focus on each toe individually. Do not forget to massage the middle toe.
  3. Finish with a few long, deep strokes on the bottom of her foot.

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