This way you perform more than once.

There are sometimes those nights that it seems impossible. After your first orgasm, you long for the next one, if only because she can't get enough. But unfortunately, most of the time you run out of ammo after your first salvo. It used to be different. At sixteen, a poster of Blondie of Charlies's Angels and a lock on the door were enough for an afternoon of pure fun with yourself. Over the years, however, your body has changed; you now need more and longer breaks. Urologists refer to this as the "refractory period" or the time it takes your penis to regain an erection after ejaculation.

Of course you don't have to perform like an animal every time: rather good once than three times half. Several sexologists have urged us to mention in this article that a woman's main concern for sex is intimacy, not your athleticism. Be careful not to make men feel like they fail if they can't do it several times in a row, is a summary of the specialists' comments.

More than once, however, pure as an extra has its advantages. First of all, you will impress most women with it. After all, a common complaint from women is that men cannot last much longer than they are - often not even long enough for her to have an orgasm. Second advantage is that your second and third erection is more powerful and lasts longer. And you both benefit from this. So why should the first round also be the last? Continue with the following advice. And through, and through….

Build up slowly

Before you even think about slowly trying to figure her out, you need to prepare your mind and body for the long night ahead. So follow these preparatory tips: Keep your distance & gt; & gt; The average man's feelings of lust every 100 hours that he is not with his partner increase by about ten percent. That is a subconscious process. Every minute that a man doesn't know what his partner is up to is a minute she could theoretically spend with another man. And that arouses the thought in your subconscious mind.

Hands above the sheets

In order to keep your recovery period in bed as short as possible, the days before the big night should be kept away from yourself. The more often you ejaculate, the longer the recovery period. This mental advantage also plays a role: the period of abstinence stimulates lust spiritually.

Eat on level. Take her to a chic restaurant. Not so much for the food, consider that a pleasant side effect. No, the point is that it is a case where she likes to wear her sexiest outfit. Seeing coving still covets, and if you notice that half-male clientele is staring more at her strapless dresses than at the plate, that is oil on the fire of your passion. That is also something almost instinctive: if a man notices that his partner is sexually attractive to other men, it will greatly stimulate his lust for her. And urologists guarantee: the higher the arousal, the higher the erection.

Get rid of romance

We jump, because the time has come: she is naked. Those who want to perform twice will have to sacrifice their first erection somewhat to the second. Too much stimulation in the beginning will eventually make your penis more insensitive, so keep the foreplay as short as possible and start the better work smoothly. Men we treat for premature ejaculation often report that their second erection lasts longer, which is more beneficial. In short, make the first a quickie and assure her that this earthquake will be followed by a series of powerful aftershocks.

Speed up your recovery

Before you can have an erection again, the muscles that contracted vigorously during your orgasm must be allowed to fully relax again. The cells in the tissue of your penis need rest, you really have to go all the way back to zero. And that rest must last long enough - only then will they be willing to do anything for you. There is no precise amount of time involved. It depends on your age, but also on your general condition. Most importantly, how much you love your partner, how exciting she is to you.

Provide variety

Getting a boner is one, but to stay granite you need a change in your stimuli. In order to perform more than once, you must approach each lovemaking as if it were the first time. A simple as well as handy tool is surprising your sense of touch, or: making sure that you and your partner feel completely different from last time. A frequently used means that works fine is massage oil. Smear each other and your bodies feel completely different.

Wait patiently

Until now you have done all the hard work. So by the time the night draws to a close, you've earned some help. An average 35-year-old man has anywhere from two to eight involuntary erections during sleep. Those erections last for ten minutes to an hour. So if you are in for a real mega night, or want to make a record attempt with your girl, set your alarm clock just before you fall asleep at about three hours later. Good chance that your penis is already awake before it is you. Lie down spoonful to gauge her interest. If after her umpteenth splurge, no doubt tired but very satisfied, she has fallen asleep again, get up, stand in front of the mirror and bow to yourself: you deserve it.

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