More sex, more stamina


If you are tight with nerves, it is important to calm down before it is time to lower your pants to your knees. What helps is a few eggs at breakfast on the morning of the big day. Baked, boiled or poached, if you like, eggs are a rich source of B vitamins. They play a key role in your nervous system. When you live under stress, your body quickly runs out of the supply of vitamins B. This way you keep your libido going and you stay in control of stage fright. Calmness in the bedroom ensures a firm boy and prevents premature ejaculation.


Long, green and if you take a bite it is as if you are chewing crispy water. But grandmother's pet vegetable is brimming with androsterone and androstenol, two precursors to testosterone. When you chew celery, these substances are released into your mouth and penetrate the mucous membrane of the mouth and nose. They can then quickly enter the so-called vomeronasal organ, a part of the brain that specializes in recognizing pheromones, the so-called sex attractants. That fragrance center relies on testosterone for its action, so if activated, you could become more sensitive to the pheromones the opposite sex emits. And that can enhance lust.

So boys, take a lunch box with celery sticks to the pub and take a good look at the ladies present. All you can catch is a black eye.

Vanilla ice cream

When it comes to sex, ice is the nectar of the gods, because it provides a good dose of stamina. Because it is made from dairy, it contains a lot of phosphorus and lime, two minerals that are involved in building energy in your muscle tissue. In addition, lime also provides a more intense orgasm, because the muscles that provide ejaculation, like all muscles, need calcium to get tension and to contract tightly.

Lime is important for communicating between the cells. It also plays a role in the production of sperm and sperm.

Take vanilla ice cream, research has shown that men relax when they smell vanilla.

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