Introducing the penis to your zipper:

We are all familiar with the risks of heavy-handed poetry on your fly with your young gentleman nearby. That is why you always store it well before you zip up your fly. But how careful are you when you unzip your pants? It seems that this is when most accidents happen, in those inattentive moments when the need is great. If you are careless enough to get it caught between the iron teeth, pull your zipper back in one smooth motion to the position it came from. Don't bother, that will only make things worse. Examine the damage and apply iodine if necessary. Although very painful, the injuries are rarely more than superficial cuts.

Lubricate the penis with an alternative lubricant:

You're a guy who's always up for something new, so when you and your girlfriend are ready to take action and the tube of lube is empty, don't be fussy. You grab a tube of gel from the cupboard and you're done. So wrong. The area around your groin is not resistant to all kinds of chemical substances. Smearing your penis with a product that you are supposed to use elsewhere can cause allergic reactions and even second-degree burns, as is the case with some hair gels. In addition, you can also introduce chemicals into the vagina, an area that is just as sensitive as ours, if not more sensitive in that regard. Baby oil is ideal as an alternative lubricant.

Enlarging the penis:

In America you can have your genitals extended for seven thousand dollars. If you are ever tempted to give nature a helping hand, because it is also done sporadically in the Netherlands, the following may probably change your mind. With penis extension, a part of the penis that is in the body, against your pubic bone, is brought forward. Your penis becomes longer through an extension, but also thinner and more mobile. This ensures less bed pleasure due to its smaller diameter and a greater chance of fractures due to its "mobility". Thickening your penis, by means of injections with fat, is also not recommended. The fat builds up, so you get a bumpy erection. And that doesn't seem like a sight to us. But you might think differently.

Insert the penis somewhere it shouldn't be:

Of course you know exactly about STDs, so we are not going to warn you about strange women. But we are going to warn you about strange objects. Without going into too much detail: it is never wise to stick your penis in something that is not intended for that purpose. Actually, men who take refuge in this kind of thing are asking for trouble. Accidents with vacuum cleaners are the most common. Every doctor in a first aid department experiences this once. Men then arrive with a thick and swollen penis that looks bad. It's nothing serious, it will pass by itself.

They know what to do