Many men are generally extremely polite in bed. They take plenty of time for foreplay and caress us with endless patience. Good thing of course, because this is how they give us the idea that it is not always just about sex, but that feeling also plays a role. But sometimes we women get a little tired of that understanding, sweet approach. At least, when I talk to my friends about this, we always agree that men are sometimes too long when it comes to the run-up to sex.

Do you really believe in the myth that men heat up as quickly as microwaves, while women first have to simmer on a stove for a few hours? Stop it anyway! Hi there, you are dealing with modern women from the 21 th century: we are just as busy and excited at least as quickly as you are. There are times when I am more impatient than my friend. I have such a scorching sense in him that I would like to rip his clothes off. Why is that? He knows my weaknesses. For example, he just needs to kiss that little piece of skin between my index and middle fingers for a minute and I'm in all states. Which is to say that a comprehensive prelude is not always a compulsory number for us women.

Play for Keith Sweat

My friend Sandra, a 35-year-old actress, came spontaneously once when her boyfriend unexpectedly came behind her and moaned in her ear with a voice a la Isaac Hayes: awww, yeah, smooth jazz. You don't believe your ears when you hear, but there is another good explanation for her reaction too.

The ear canal is extremely sensitive to vibrations. Eastern sex techniques - some of which are entirely based on vocal techniques - have shown that it is possible to achieve pure sound.

‘Every breath you take..’

Ever thought you can seduce a woman without her noticing anything? It's possible. More or less, I mean. And you really don't have to hypnotize her for it. Is also a bit tricky on the dance floor. Because that is your area of work for this trick. While dancing, tune your breath to hers. This creates a physical bond to which she is most likely to respond sexually. Of course this does not work if you stand six meters apart. You need to be close together so that she can feel your breathing, if necessary your heartbeat. The good news is that she can get excited unconsciously. Which can give her the idea that it is all her initiative. So don't be surprised if she dances closer to you.

Let her win

When women beat a slot machine, their heart rate rises ten beats per minute. In addition, the women reported feeling a strong excitement. Now you don't have to travel to Las Vegas right away. Her excitement is not caused by the money, but by the winning. So get out a deck of cards. Or even better: put her behind your game console. And make sure she wins. Stick to simple, non-violent games that are easy to learn and require quick reflexes. In the end you become the big winner.

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