One morning she already gave several signals before you even had breakfast. It's time to put an end to it. Just don't be too hard; she has some nice friends that you can ask out. Here are a few ways to kindly get her out the door.

  1. Imitate a skipping plate. Meet her alone, and tell her over and over why you want to end it. Kindly listen to her response and start over. She will understand that you mean it.
  2. Read your story. Write a long, sentimental letter (in the I form, don't talk about "you" or "we") and read it aloud to her. This prevents you from running out of text and prevents her from interrupting.
  3. Make the problem mutual. It will be less difficult for both of you if she helps to pull the plug. Make sure you have at least one good reason why you can't stay together and milk it out. "This doesn't work, don't you think?"
  4. Do it "face to face". Unless it's absolutely inevitable, you never break up over the phone (or whatsapp, email, instagram or facebook - messenger) Only cowards do.

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